DOM-A - Sheet metal garage doors

We sell sheet metal garage doors of renowned German manufacturer Normstahl.

Buying Normstahl garage doors you choose the highest level of comfort, quality and reliability. And you also choose expertise and 60 years experience one of Europe's leading manufacturers.

Easy to use, durable and extremely safe: Our classic Up-And-Over doors for many years set standards with regard to functional perfection, high quality and thoughtful solutions of details. Normstahl Up-And-Over doors not only have an excellent price-service ratio, but offer you many decisive advantages in new construction or renovations.

Garažna limena vrata

Normstahl- Quality for life.

Garažna limena vrata

Normstahl sheet metal garage door is the true product of the famous brand.

All steel parts are galvanized, door panels are secured with aluminum decorative rivets or bolted. The doors don't have any welding spots and for this reason zinc layer that protects against corrosion is not "burned". A double layer of plastic material that is roasted in the surface coverings of steel contributes to long maintaining value of the doors and provides ultimate protection against corrosion.

DOM-A - Sectional Garage Doors

Due to its construction sectional garage doors guarantee high thermal and acoustic insulation. Sectional garage doors are comfortable and modern solution to protect your garage. Enables fully use of the entire openings light and do not take up space in the front of the garage.

Garažna sekcijska vrata
Motor za sekcijska vrata

Sectional garage doors are supplied with a door operator and two remote controls.

Due to their striped design, the door can be installed on non-standard openigs. Thanks to their construction thermal and sound sealing is ensured all around the edge of the door. Individual door sections are insulated with quality polyurethane filling.

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