Potrebni majstori za proizvodnju i montažu PVC i ALU stolarije, sobnih i garažnih vrata. Prijave možete slati putem slijedećih kontakt informacija.

About us

We make European quality products, and each of them is marked with CE sign.

Dom-a LLC is offering a superior product at an affordable price.

Dom-a LLC is a company specialized in the manufacture, sale and installation of PVC and aluminum doors and windows with its own production and the long experience of all employees that assures high quality service.

Using the finest materials, new manufacturing plant and extensive experience in installation of PVC and aluminum doors and windows, allows us to offer our partners a superior quality services at very favorable conditions.

Our Work

Windows and portals

PVC & ALUMINUM windows and portals, winter gardens, balconies.

Entry doors

PVC & ALUMINUM front doors according to your measures and wishes.

Garage doors

Sectional and Sheet metal garage doors with motor and remote control.

Aluminum railings

Aluminum railings in different colors and great choice on construction elements.

Other equipment


We offer a large selection of roller shutters, so that none buyers wish remains unfulfilled.



Aluminum railings are systems of aluminum profiles (bars) and connecting elements whose combinations obtain various forms and functional types of custom railings.



Great choice of window sills made ​​of galvanized steel with surface protected with coated finish, and possibility of choosing colors.


DOM-A d.o.o.

PVC & ALU Systems

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