Aluminum systems are due to the excellent characteristics of aluminum profiles, increasingly popular among architects in designing the buildings of various types and purposes. Aluminum profiles, from which doors and windows are produced, are by low weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, ease of processing, resistance to atmospheric agents, etc., and can be very easily fully recycled. Profiles are produced from high quality aluminum. Surface can be protected by plastic coating, painted in any color from the RAL or anodized in a few basic colors (aluminum, bronze ...).

The profiles in the corners and T-joints are connected with aluminum connectors and adhered with epoxy glue. This will create tough and durable compound. Fittings that are built into the doors and windows are also made ​​of aluminum alloy and can withstand high loads. For all these reasons, aluminum systems have long lifespan and are suitable for installation in all kind of buildings.

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