Dom-a LLC is a company specialized in the manufacture, sale and installation of PVC and aluminum doors and windows with its own production and the long experience of all employees that assures high quality service.

Dom-a LLC is offering a superior product at an affordable price.

Our products are made of top quality materials, unique designs and have excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.

Some of our advantages are:

  • superior quality with reasonable prices;
  • professional approach and guaranteed delivery and installation of ordered products in agreed time period;
  • years of experience in business and quality guarantee
  • own transport

Production of various forms

With profiles that you choose we have capabilities to produce various types of windows and doors in different colors.

Combination of quality and acceptable prices

Using the finest materials, new manufacturing plant and extensive experience in installation of PVC and aluminum doors and windows, allows us to offer our partners a superior quality services at very favorable conditions.

Contact us with confidence.

DOM-A d.o.o.

PVC & ALU Systems

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Blažujski drum 5
71210 Ilidža
Bosna i Hercegovina
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Safeta Zajke 261A
71000 Sarajevo
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